More than just colleagues


Robert Schmid - Gründer, Geschäftsführer und Impulsgeber | © papillo.de

Robert Schmid

Founder, Managing Director and Driving Force

As the founder of papillo, he has already implemented over 1,000 projects. Among them are well-known clients such as Burger King etc.

He enjoys spending what little time is left of the day as a family dad, as a conductor with his music bands, as a musician with Muckasäck and as a car enthusiast with his Beetle.

Lukas Schlachter - Informatiker, Teilhaber und Wirbelwind | © papillo.de

Lukas Schlachter

IT Specialist, Partner and Company Whirlwind

Our "young buck" is passionate about computer science and comes with the very latest in programming.

With a 1st Dan in Taekwondo, he quite literally smashes even the most complex projects and with his bicycles he reaches even the highest peaks.

Florian Timter - Informatiker, Teilhaber und Multitalent | © papillo.de

Florian Timter

IT Specialist, Partner and All-Rounder

Committed IT Specialist who tackles things others prefer to leave alone. A passionate programmer with an eye for what's important and a great interest in technology!

Sports enthusiast, gourmet chef, strategist, and infrequent sleeper. 


Manuel Haubner - Web-Entwickler und engagierter Quereinsteiger | © papillo.de

Manuel Haubner

Web developer and highly committed career changer

As a trained Process Mechanic and Pizza Boy, Manuel has a totally different professional background. But very quickly, he developed into a programmer and has been implementing projects of all kinds at papillo for years.

He likes to meet people at the ESVK, earns his pocket money in cozy poker rounds and is always there when you need him.

Nadine Greiter - Projektleiterin mit Herz und Disziplin | © papillo.de

Nadine Greiter

Project Manager with heart and discipline

As a graduated Media and Communications expert and LEHRimpuls award winner, she always keeps track of things and likes to let her creativity run wild when writing our texts.

In her free time Nadine can either be found raising squirrels or exercising. And at 3 p.m. on the dot at the coffee machine!

Joachim Westphal - Art Director, Markenformer und Logo-Jongleur | © papillo.de

Joachim Westphal

Art Director, Brand Shaper and Logo Juggler

As a Red Dot Award winning and highly experienced Graphic Designer, Joachim is in charge of creative and convincing corporate brand designs .

Based on his extensive experience in the digital and analogue areas he designs customized corporate brand worlds that will convince and inspire you and your target groups. 

Eve Hofmann - Mediendesignerin | © papillo.de

Eve Hoffmann

Media Designer (Trainee)
coming soon

Alexandra Spiegel - Buchhalterin und Kontrollinstanz | © papillo.de

Alexandra Spiegel

Accountant and supervisory authority

No figure gets past her without being checked thoroughly first. Alexandra keeps track of the cash flow, issues invoices and makes sure that everything is in order.

As a former witch (Isartaler Hexen), she now teaches highly motivated students on the trombone and tenor horn/baritone and never fails to surprise us with her quick wit.

Natascha Fankhauser

Webgestalterin/-entwicklerin mit Marketingerfahrung

Mit einigen Fachausbildungen/Fortbildungen und mit viel Berufserfahrung im Bereich Werbung, PR, Web und Marketing kümmert sich Natascha um diverse Webprojekte.

Während sie bei papillo vor allem Wert auf lösungsorientiertes Arbeiten und Flexibilität legt, stehen im Privaten ihre Tochter, bellende vier Pfoten und koffeinhaltige Heißgetränke ganz oben.

Gustl - Unser aller Liebling | © papillo.de


Our favorite
The good soul of our company has four wheels and is – admittedly – no longer the youngest. But that's precisely why we love our cute little green T2 bus, that occasionally takes us from A to B and otherwise faithfully holds the fort outside our office – where it makes us and passers-by smile every day.