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Das Barrierefreiheitsgesetz

Stichtag 28. Juni 2025 - Pflicht zur Barrierefreiheit für Unternehmen.

New website presence for a good cause.

With the help of the online marketplace created by us, the volunteer agency Schaffenslust can now easily facilitate volunteer placements.

Univortrag "Webentwicklung Hands-on"

Ein kurzer Einblick in die Hauptaufgaben eines Browsers, Grundlagen in HTML, CSS, Kommunikation zwischen Browser & Server und JavaScript Basics.

Something big is coming

We have exciting news! Months of preparation are behind us, now we are on the home stretch towards founding a GmbH.

We actively support our local restaurant businesses - with an ordering software including inbox - free of charge ...

Responsive & Google Mobile Only Index

From March 2021, only pages that are optimized for mobile devices are indexed or appear in the search results!