New website presence for a good cause.

The backend for independent maintenance

Thanks to the specially developed backend, organizations now have the opportunity to independently enter search requests for volunteers and engagements at short notice. Additionally, volunteers can easily make themselves available for social activities through the registration function.

With the marketplace to the "perfect match"

At you can find the frontend, which includes the marketplace already featuring 175 regional listings with a demand for volunteers. Through the integrated proximity search, volunteers or organizations can easily search for engagements in their region and customize them according to their needs using the filtering options.

Furthermore, there is a convenient bookmark feature that allows suitable engagements to be saved directly.

To enhance user-friendliness, the site is also optimized for performance and mobile-first.

Contact options for personal consultation

Despite the practical marketplace, personal contact is also emphasized. Thanks to the provided contact forms, interested companies and volunteers can directly interact with the agency to address any questions or concerns.



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