Something big is coming


The next step: The papillo GmbH

GmbH. Four small letters that mean a huge change for us. The company that founder Robert Schmid built up over many years and that was inseparably linked to him turns into papillo GmbH in the summer.

What changes

Internally, of course, a lot, but for our customers not that much really. First of all, there is the visual aspect: The company name, which is nowpapillo GmbH. In addition, there are new bank details, which are communicated to all customers immediately after the foundation.

The other big change is in the management team: Lukas Schlachter and Florian Timter join Robert Schmid in the company management, which means there are now three people at the helm of the company. At the same time, all three can remain committed to their development work.

What remains the same

Above all: Us. We are still who we used to be. We will continue to tackle our customers' projects with fun and motivation. We will continue to work in a straightforward manner, think in a visionary way, create new things and always be on hand.

Because this is what makes us special: That there is nothing we enjoy more than to digitally implement our customers' ideas.  

What the future brings

We also can't say what the future will bring. But we're excited about it and promise to stay curious: about new technology, new types of programming, new approaches to design and usability...that's where our journey will take us, and we're looking forward to it. And hopefully you do too – because we'd love to take you with us!

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