ABW Planer

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01 The Challenge
  • Faster documentation
    Every employee spends around 30% of their working time transferring appointments from handwritten calendar entries or notes into an Excel spreadsheet and writing separate documentation
  • Getting rid of the Excel spreadsheets
  • Minimizing transcription errors (handwritten notes)
  • Avoiding appointment overlaps and related issues
  • Making over/underspending of care hours visible in time
  • Preventing double bookings
  • Improving the overview (where or with which client are the employees)
  • Simplifying vacation handovers
  • Automatic generation of progress documentation
  • Simplifying month-end statements
  • Invoicing group appointments
  • Making client data visible to all responsible persons
  • Appointment scheduling
02 Our Solution

Complete digitalization and automation of processes in ABW (Ambulant Betreutes Wohnen - Assisted Living facility)

  • Simplification of appointment recording
  • Automatic creation of performance records and progress documentation
  • Archiving / traceability of documentation
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Recording of vacation/absence times
  • Statistical evaluation (exhaustion or exceedance of allotments)
  • Cloud-based
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Evaluation of employee hours
  • Driver's logbook integration
  • Appointment collision monitoring
  • Group appointments (incl. pro rata invoicing based on various factors)
  • Cash book
  • Digital signature
  • Digital client files
  • Repeat appointments

and much more ... 

03 Our Services
  • Concept
  • Analysis of the existing processes
  • Front end & back end development
  • UX design
  • Introduction of various key figures
Customer ABW-Planer
Topic An impressive "planner" that takes care of the administration, planning, accounting and documentation of appointments in Ambulant Betreutes Wohnen (Assisted Living facility) – and it can do much more!

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